Covid-19: Adjusted Alert Level 4 Regulations



The President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa had on Sunday 27 June 2021 moved the country to Adjusted Alert Level 4 regulations, in light of the phenomenal spike in infections. All indoor and outdoor gatherings are prohibited which includes religious and social gatherings. The restrictions will remain in place for 14 days.


Level 4 Regulations come with new criminal offences for gatherings.


  • Clause 21(1) specifically prohibits gatherings while sub-clauses 21(22) and 21(23) of the 27 June 2021 Government Gazette Regulation Notice no.: 11299, state that a convenor as well as a participant of a gathering, including religious, would be committing an offence.


  • Clause 24(1) reads: Any place or premises normally open to the public where religious, cultural, entertainment, recreational, or similar activities, which are prohibited in terms of these regulations, may take place, is closed.


The observance of congregational prayers, such as five-daily Salaah as well as Jumuah in masajid, is unfortunately restricted. We appeal to the Muslim community to comply with the regulations even though they may be difficult, exacting and challenging.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we would like to highlight the importance of Salah for our spiritual well-being. Jumuah Salaah under the circumstances may be performed at home with a minimum of four adult males. Kindly refer to the JUSA Guidelines for Jumuah Salaah available via link:


We owe it to ourselves, in private and in public, to take responsibility and adhere to measures that will help in mitigating the risks of further spreading Covid-19. Let us continue to support each other through these times, with empathy, care and kindness. It is our prayer to Almighty, to take away this pandemic from our midst, so that we can regain normality, in the manner of worship, work, trade and social interaction.


O Allah! Forgive our transgressions; accept our repentance, and grant us rectitude. We ask You, O Almighty! Pardon the souls of those who have left this abode; be the Comforter of those in distress and anguish, and save us from the tribulations wrought by our own hands, due to our deeds. Aameen.


JUSA Executive Committee
17 Dhu al Qa’da 1442/28 June 2021