First Covid-19 Fatalities: A Poignant National Milestone


(For Immediate Release)


This morning we woke up to the sad news that our country has registered the first two fatalities linked to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.


The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa would like to express deep sympathies to the families, friends and associates of the two lost loved ones.


This milestone, a poignant moment coming on the first of the 21-day national lock-down, requires of each and everyone of us to reflect upon, and reaffirm our commitment towards the measures adopted to mitigate the spread of this highly infectious and deadly disease.


Our hearts also go out to all those that have been positively diagnosed and are battling with the disease. We pray to the Almighty to take away their distress by replacing it with hope and quick recovery.


We take this opportunity to commend our community, on this Friday, an auspicious day for every Muslim, in heeding to our appeals and national call to adhere to the guidelines of limiting congregational sizes, restricting to home confines and members of households.


This testing period will prove long and agonising to both our lives and livelihoods. However, we should continue to turn to the Almighty, The All-Curing, and the All-Able, in seeking His Intervention and ease.


May the Almighty accept our efforts, at both individual and collective level, as we take measures that will minimise the harm of the pandemic to our nation and beyond. Aameen.

E.I. Bham (Moulana)
Secretary General


27 March 2020