Ulama Membership

Terms and conditions of Membership

a) Membership of JUSA is open to Muslims who subscribe to the principles and doctrines of the Ahl as Sunnah Wal Jamâ’ah, as expounded by the four recognized schools (madhâhib) of jurisprudence.

b) Written application for membership signed by the applicant must be made to the Secretary General of JUSA.

c) The applicant will become a member upon approval by the Executive Committee and upon payment of a mandatory membership fee which shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Governors.

d) Members shall re-affirm their membership every three years to remain in good standing, by completing the prescribed form and settling outstanding membership fees, if any.

e) Finalization of the revised members roll shall take place at least one year before elections.

f) A member may be expelled by the Executive Committee upon the approval of the Board of Governors.

Associate Membership