Akhlaaq 4

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Akhalaaq Wal Aadaab 4

This is the fourth volume in the Akhalaaq Wal Aadaab made easy series. It encapsulates the importance of ones conduct when in the public areas. The importance of forgiveness n having mercy to a fellow Muslim.  Taking care of parents is the most important thing we must do in Islam. The act of wasting time and resources shows that we are not grateful for it. Controlling one’s tongue is the most important when we talking to each other. Being respectful to each other by not giving nicknames and having good company. Dressing according to the way of Sunnah (traditional way) is the best way. The act of stealing is not allowed this will make a person not being grateful.

ISBN: 1-919942-20-3
Year Published: 2006
Publisher: JUT Publishing
Pages: 40
1st floor, Baitul Hamd
32 Dolly Rathebe Road
Fordsburg, South Africa