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Jumaadal Ukhraa 1443

HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand
1821 Jan 2022R15.20R911.94R837.22R797.95R684.63R532.77R349.38R12.83R7 862.63R393.13R19 656.58R29 609.86
1720 Jan 2022R15.23R902.86R828.88R790.00R677.82R527.47R345.85R12.81R7 848.50R392.42R19 621.27R29 314.62
1619 Jan 2022R15.41R904.62R830.47R791.54R679.14R528.50R346.33R12.72R7 793.91R389.69R19 484.77R29 371.67
1518 Jan 2022R15.47R903.94R829.85R790.95R678.63R528.10R346.09R12.31R7 540.29R377.01R18 850.73R29 349.64
1417 Jan 2022R15.46R902.22R828.27R789.44R677.34R527.10R345.44R12.35R7 566.00R378.300R18 915.01R29 293.68
1114 Jan 2022R15.36R900.94R900.94R827.32R676.38R526.35R340.25R12.34R7 556.52R377.82R18 891.30R29 252.15
1013 Jan 2022R903.46R829.41R790.53R678.27R527.83R345.83R345.83R12.45R7 626.69R381.33R19 066.72R29 334.25
912 Jan 2022R15.54R908.21R833.76R794.68R681.83R530.59R347.65R12.27R7 518.40R375.92R18 796.00R29 488.44
811 Jan 2022R15.64R910.07R835.47R796.31R683.23R531.68R348.37R12.27R7 516.35R375.81R18 790.88R29 549.04
710 Jan 2022R15.65R901.13R827.26R788.49R676.52R526.46R344.90R12.20R7 475.39R373.76R18 688.49R29 258.37
407 Jan 2022R15.68R907.83R833.41R794.35R681.55R530.37R347.47R12.11R7 417.86R370.89R18 544.66R29 476.27
306 Jan 2022R15.81R928.31R852.21R812.27R696.91R542.32R355.38R12.21R7 480.36R374.01R18 700.90R30 141.76
205 Jan 2022R15.91R934.66R858.04R817.83R701.67R546.02R357.81R12.74R7 801.66R390.08R19 504.16R30 348.13
HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand

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